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My Web Skills

What can I do for you?
The Stack

Wordpress. HTML. CSS. Javascript. I do a bit of everything. I can take photos for your site and load them up the same day. I'm full service, so you don't have to think about your website and can focus on what you love doing.

  • I like to code

  • I'll show you the way

  • I pay attention to you and listen

  • I like to enjoy myself while I work

Who am I?

Philosophy Grad. Guitar Player. Dog Lover. INFP. Taurus.

Alex Risberg

Coder. Photographer. Designer. Coffee Drinker.
I do it all. So be nice to me. I like guitars and cameras and soccer. Talk to me about any of these, and I’ll be happy.

Flexible pricing. I'll work with you.

What i'm up to

What I do when I'm not coding for you.